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Technology Law (Reflection)


Ethics and governance of AI. AI, if it is good, ethical. The legal risks and other risks.

Basically, what were my personal perceptions before the assignment, and what did I learn through the readings and the tutorial. Reflection task: 250 words, no referencing required




This course has coincided with a great churn in the debate around AI which has attained renewed urgency with the introduction of the large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and Bard. I, like millions was fascinated by these giant leaps in AI and the possibilities they represented seemed to justify the adage ‘Brave New World’. However, having moved beyond the initial euphoria, I have come to taper my optimism.


I think a major ethical challenge will be the question around control of AI technology. Given that the technology comes with tremendous, even existential risks, to ourselves, the clamor for governments to step in and place moratoriums on further development such as those being argued by the Future of Life Institute seem understandable. Another ethical issue that AI highlights is that algorithms are far from neutral but reflect human biases. AI systems have been shown to have biases against women and minorities which going forward has the potential to exacerbate the existing societal divisions.


Coming to the legal risks associated with AI regulation a major legal concern in my opinion would be regarding determination of liability for AI-related harms. As AI systems become autonomous and act without direct human intervention, it would become challenging to attribute responsibility amongst developers, operators, or users of AI system.


Intellectual property seems to be another legal aspect impacted by AI raising questions about ownership and infringement. Question of ownership over AI generated art have begun to arise, the ‘Zarya of Dawn’ suit being an example, the current IP regime seems destined for major overhaul.


Therefore, I think I have come to a clearer understanding around artificial intelligence. Although I am still optimistic around the benefits that AI with its tremendous potential might hold to change civilization itself, the need for its effective regulation seems to me to be recognition of its potential and the necessity to ensure that the change, given its civilization-al scale, has to be for better.      

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